Estudio de la variación del contenido de humedad en el Pinus pinaster Ait por medio de la técnica no destructiva del georradar

Autores UPV
Revista Materiales de Construcción


The moisture content variations in wood have a significant influence in wood's physicochemicalproperties, as well as in its electromagnetic properties and to specific effects upon waves' characteristics. Inparticular, this paper focuses on the analysis of the Ground-penetrating Radar's (GPR) using an antenna of 1.6 GHz central frequency capacity to register the velocity and the amplitude of the electromagnetic waves' variation during the drying process of Pinus pinaster Ait timber joists. Theresults showed that when timber MC descended, the propagation velocity and amplitude ofboth the direct and the reflected wave increased. The high correlation found between the variables studieddemonstrates GPR efficiency and the innovativeapplication of this technique as a non-destructiveevaluation tool for timber structures, particularly when studying its moisture content.