Autores UPV
Revista The Quarterly Journal of Mathematics


We study weakly compact operators from a C*-algebra with values in a complete locally convex space. They constitute a natural non-commutative generalization of finitely additive vector measures with values in a locally convex space. Several results of Brooks, Sato and Wright are extended to this more general setting. Building on an approach due to Sato and Wright, we obtain our theorems on non-commutative finitely additive measures with values in a locally convex space, from more general results on weakly compact operators defined on Banach spaces X whose strong dual X¿ is weakly sequentially complete. Weakly compact operators are also characterized by a continuity property for a certain 'Right topology' as in joint work by Peralta, Villanueva, Wright and Ylinen. © 2009. Published by Oxford University Press. All rights reserved.