Simulation of the evolution of rail corrugation using a rotating flexible wheelset model

Autores UPV
Revista Vehicle System Dynamics


This paper presents a simulation tool designed for predicting the wear pattern on the running surface of the rails and for studying the evolution of rail corrugation after thousands of wheelset passages. This simulation tool implements a cyclic track model, a rotating flexible wheelset model, a wheel-rail contact model and a wear model. The vehicle-track system is modelled by using a substructuring technique, by which the vehicle, the rails and the sleepers are treated independently of each other and are coupled by the forces transmitted through the wheel-rail contact and the railpad. The vehicle model takes only account of the wheelset since the sprung masses of the vehicle are not relevant in the frequency range analysed. The wheelset model considers the flexibility of the wheelset and the effects associated with rotation. By using the Campbell diagram, two cases have been identified in which the combined effect of two different modes may give rise to higher wheel-rail contact forces and wear. © 2011 Taylor & Francis.