Uso del arte y de la creatividad en las terapias psicosociales: estudio y valoración de resultados en la utilización de la fotografía con pacientes con un trastorno grave y crónico

Autores UPV
Revista Arte individuo y sociedad


This article will reveal the experiment and the subsequent investigation work carried out with patients having chronic and severe mental illness at the Creativity and Rehabilitation Workshop of the Mental Health Service at the Health Department no. 12 of the Hospital Francisco de Borja of Gandia, Spain. The course focuses on patient training in the use of photography and image as a means of expression and as a part of psychosocial therapies to improve patients' quality of life in front of the society. In addition, it tries to enhance the analytic capacity of the patient not only with regards to the photography aesthetically, but also personally. There are many international scientific surveys backing up the knowledge and use of Artistic and Creative Therapy in chronic patients; however, these activities are seen as pioneering actions in Spain given the current health structure, which includes few national psychiatric centers developing them continuously and being temporally monitored. This experiment demonstrates that photography significantly improves the quality of life of chronic patients and motivates them socially to communicate themselves through art, just as it helps them using creativity as a tool for social action.