Web-based spatial training using handheld touch screen devices

Autores UPV
Revista Educational Technology & Society Journal


This paper attempts to harness the opportunities for mobility and the new user interfaces that handheld touch screen devices offer, in a non-formal learning context, with a view to developing spatial ability. This research has addressed two objectives: first, analyzing the effects that training can have on spatial visualisation using the educational content developed for this pilot study; and second, evaluating the experience of users in the use of handheld touch screen devices and their degree of satisfaction with the on-line course proposed. Two study groups were used: an experimental group, which undergoes a one week training programme, and a control group, which does no spatial training tasks during this period. The results show a significant improvement in average spatial visualisation scores among the experimental group in comparison with the control group. Students value positively the course accomplished and they expressed their preference for these multimedia contents over the conventional pencil and paper formats, and for the on-line learning over a face to face course. They also consider that having materials of this kind available in their study programme subjects and the possibility of accessing this material at any time and in any place to be a positive aspect. © International Forum of Educational Technology & Society (IFETS).