Evaluation and assessment of demand response potential applied to the meat industry

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Demand response has proven to be a useful mechanism that produces important benefits for both the customer and the power system. In the context of an increasingly competitive electricity market, where prices are constantly rising and the presence of renewable energy resources is gaining prominence, this paper analyzes the flexibility potential of customers in the meat industry, based on the management of the most energy consuming process in this type of segment: cooling production and distribution. The effectiveness of the proposed actions has been successfully tested and validated in an active factory that produces cured ham in Spain, where savings of about 5% in the total annual cost of electricity have been assessed, together with power reductions in the range of 50% of the total peak demand of the studied facilities. Such results demonstrate the efficacy of these techniques, and they open the door to an innovative perspective on the evaluation of flexibility among customers which are traditionally considered rigid, providing a novel approach to the management of customer infrastructures in order to exploit their flexibility in electricity markets. © 2011 Elsevier Ltd.