Ultraviolet exposure for different outdoor sports in Valencia, Spain

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Revista Photodermatology Photoimmunology & Photomedicine


Background: The purpose of this study is to quantify ultraviolet (UV) exposure of several groups of amateur athletes in their training or recreational schedules. Methods: The athletes were monitored using dosimeters (VioSpor).The study took place in Valencia, Spain, from May to July 2010, and involved a group of 10 mountaineers, four tennis players and five runners. Results: The mean daily personal UV exposure for mountaineers was 9.48±3.23 standard erythema dose (SED). The tennis players received a mean of 10.65±1.57 SED for every 2days of training, and the runners received a mean of 7.62±4.28 SED for every 5days of training. Conclusion: Mountaineers received a higher dose of UV exposure and have a higher exposure ratio than the tennis players, probably because they spent more time outdoors. However, the runners received a low dose of UV exposure, perhaps because their training takes place in the evening. Mean daily UV exposure of the mountaineers and tennis players exceeded 5 SED, which means that, in the case of non-sun-adapted skin type III and the non-use of sun protection, erythema may be induced in these subjects. Accordingly, it is necessary to encourage the use of high protection sunscreens and protective clothing, and to avoid UV exposure in the hottest part of the day. © 2011 John Wiley & Sons A/S.