EM Based Synthesis and Design of Bandpass Waveguide Filters Including Manufacturing Effects with FEST3D

Autores UPV
Revista International Journal of RF and Microwave Computer-Aided Engineering


This article aims at the industry interest on automated design tools that are able to take into account manufacturing effects. First, an efficient design strategy for bandpass waveguide filters including the rounded corners arising from low-cost manufacturing procedures is presented. This technique is based on a recent enhanced prototype and synthesis methodology able to consider the real structure parts. Using the resulting electromagnetic (EM)-based synthesis technique, an excellent structure is extracted, which requires, at most, only a slight final EM optimization. Second, this article presents analytical expressions providing error estimates for the different filter performances in terms of manufacturing tolerances. From such expressions, designers can determine the tolerance to be requested for a tuning-less implementation. Moreover, they can also be used to set the convergence criterion for the synthesis procedure. A fully automated design tool of bandpass waveguide filters able to consider manufacturing impairments has been developed and integrated in the commercial software Full-wave EM Simulation Tool 3D (FEST 3D)