Influence of plasma intensity on wear and erosion resistance of conventional and nanometric WC-Co coatings deposited by APS

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Revista Journal of Thermal Spray Technology


The effects of plasma intensity and powder particle size on wear and erosion resistance have been evaluated for WC-12 wt.%Co coatings deposited by Air Plasma Spraying. Coatings were deposited from micrometric and nanostructured powders. SEM and XRD characterization showed the presence of WC, W 2C, W, and an amorphous Co-rich matrix. The performance of the different coatings was compared in sliding wear tests (ball-on-disk), under dry friction conditions. Wear debris and tracks were analyzed by SEM. The debris generated during the test was found to have a great influence on the sliding properties. Wear follows a "three-body abrasive mechanism" and is dominated by coating spallation because of sub-surface cracking. In order to evaluate erosion behavior, solid particle erosion tests were conducted. Eroded coatings were analyzed by SEM, and erosion mainly occurs by a "cracking and chipping mechanism." The study shows that wear and erosion behavior is strongly affected by plasma arc intensity. © 2010 ASM International.