Semiempirical in-cylinder pressure based model for NOX prediction oriented to control applications

Autores UPV
Revista Applied Thermal Engineering


This work describes the development of a fast NO X predictive model oriented to engine control in diesel engines. The in-cylinder pressure is the only instantaneous input signal required, along with several mean variables that are available in the ECU during normal engine operation. The proposed model is based on the instantaneous evolution of the heat release rate and the adiabatic flame temperature (both obtained among other parameters from the in-cylinder pressure evolution). Corrections for considering the NO X reduction due to the re-burning mechanism are also included. Finally, the model is used for providing a model-based correction of tabulated values for the NO X emission at the reference conditions. The model exhibits a good behaviour when varying exhaust gas recirculation rate, boost pressure and intake temperature, while changes in the engine speed and injection settings are considered in the tabulated values. Concerning the calculation time, the model is optimised by proposing simplified sub-models to calculate the heat release and the adiabatic flame temperature. The final result is suitable for real time applications since it takes less than a cycle to complete the NO X prediction. © 2011 Elsevier Ltd.