Combined effect of viscous dissipation and thermal radiation on fluid flows over a non-linearly stretched permeable wall

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An analysis is presented for the steady non-linear viscous flow of an incompressible viscous fluid over a horizontal surface of variable temperature with a power-law velocity under the influences of suction/blowing, viscous dissipation and thermal radiation. Numerical results are illustrated by means of tables and graphs. The governing partial differential equations are converted into nonlinear ordinary differential equations by a similarity transformation. The effects of the stretching parameter n, suction/blowing parameter b, Prandtl number ¿, Eckert number E c(E c *) and radiation parameter N R are discussed. Two cases are studied, namely, (i) Prescribed surface temperature (PST case) and, (ii) Prescribed heat flux at the sheet (PHF case). © 2011 Springer Science+Business Media B.V.