Squeezing and expanding light without reflections via transformation optics

Autores UPV
Revista Optics Express


We study the reflection properties of squeezing devices based on transformation optics. An analytical expression for the angle-dependent reflection coefficient of a generic three-dimensional squeezer is derived. In contrast with previous studies, we find that there exist several conditions that guarantee no reflections so it is possible to build transformation-optics-based reflectionless squeezers. Moreover, it is shown that the design of antireflective coatings for the non-reflectionless case can be reduced to matching the impedance between two dielectrics. We illustrate the potential of these devices by proposing two applications in which a reflectionless squeezer is the key element: an ultra-short perfect coupler for high-index nanophotonic waveguides and a completely flat reflectionless hyperlens. We also apply our theory to the coupling of two metallic waveguides with different cross-section. Finally, we show how the studied devices can be implemented with non-magnetic isotropic materials by using a quasi-conformal mapping technique. © 2011 Optical Society of America.