Analytical model to predict the effect of a finite impedance surface on the propagation properties of 2D Sonic Crystals

Autores UPV


The use of sonic crystals (SCs) as environmental noise barriers has certain advantages from both the acoustical and the constructive points of view with regard to conventional ones. However, the interaction between the SCs and the ground has not been studied yet. In this work we are reporting a semi-analytical model, based on the multiple scattering theory and on the method of images, to study this interaction considering the ground as a finite impedance surface. The results obtained here show that this model could be used to design more effective noise barriers based on SCs because the excess attenuation of the ground could be modelled in order to improve the attenuation properties of the array of scatterers. The results are compared with experimental data and numerical predictions thus finding good agreement between them. © 2011 IOP Publishing Ltd.