New Facets and an Enhanced Branch-and-Cut for the Min-Max K-Windy Rural Postman Problem

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The min-max windy rural postman problem is a multiple vehicle version of the windy rural postman problem, WRPP, which consists of minimizing the length of the longest route to find a set of balanced routes for the vehicles. In a previous paper, an ILP formulation and a partial polyhedral study were presented, and a preliminary branch-and-cut algorithm that produced some promising computational results was implemented. In this article, we present further results for this problem. We describe several new facet-inducing inequalities obtained from the WRPP, as well as some inequalities that have to be satisfied by any optimal solution. We present an enhanced branch-and-cut algorithm that takes advantage of both these new inequalities and high quality min-max K-WRPP feasible solutions obtained by a metaheuristic. Computational results on a large set of instances are also reported. © 2011 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.