HD Diesel engine equipped with a bottoming Rankine cycle as a waste heat recovery system. Part 1: Study and analysis of the waste heat energy

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This paper describes the study of different bottoming Rankine cycles with water-steam and/or ORC configurations in classical and innovative setups such as a waste heat recovery system in a Heavy Duty Diesel (HDD) Engine. This work has been divided in two parts. This first part describes the model of the studied HDD engine and the available waste energy sources in this HDD Engine. The waste energy sources are studied from the standpoint of energy analysis to determine which are the most appropriate for their application in bottoming cycles attending to minimizing external irreversibilities. Finally, two configurations are chosen as the most appropriate, in a balance between external irreversibilities and technological complexity, and they have been analyzed to determine global efficiencies, power increments and necessary modifications to implement these cycles in the HDD engine. The second part of this article will analyze additional innovative setups in the HDD engine to fit this engine with ORC cycles. © 2011 Published by Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.