Multiplex DNA Detection of Food Allergens on a Digital Versatile Disk

Autores UPV
Revista Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry


The development of a DNA microarray method on a digital versatile disk (DVD) is described for the simultaneous detection of traces of hazelnut (Corylus avellana L.), peanut (Arachis hypogaea), and soybean (Glycine max) in foods. After DNA extraction, multiplex PCR was set up using 5¿-labeled specific primers for Cor a 1, Ar h 2, and Le genes, respectively. Digoxin-labeled PCR products were detected by hybridization with 5¿-biotinylated probes immobilized on a streptavidin-modified DVD surface. The reaction product attenuates the signal intensity of the laser that reached the DVD drive used as detector, correlating well with the amount of amplified sequence. Analytical performances showed a detection limit of 1 ¿g/g and good assay reproducibility (RSD 8%), suitable for the simultaneous detection of the three targeted allergens. The developed methodology was tested with several commercially available foodstuffs, demonstrating its applicability. The results were in good agreement, in terms of sensitivity and reproducibility, with those obtained with ELISA, PCR-gel agarose electrophoresis, and RT-PCR. © 2011 American Chemical Society.