Cost-effective SU-8 micro-structures by DUV excimer laser lithography for label-free biosensing

Autores UPV


Cost-effective SU-8 micro-structures on a silicon substrate were developed using 248 nm excimer laser KrF projection, studying the influence of the different variables on the final pattern geometry, finding out that the most critical are exposure dose and post-bake condition. Also a novel and cost effective type of photomask based on commercial polyimide Kapton produced by 355 nm DPSS laser microprocessing was developed, studying the influence of the cutting conditions on the photomask. Finally, as a likely application the biosensing capability with a standard BSA/antiBSA immunoassay over a 10 ¿ 10 micro-plates square lattice of around 10 ¿m in diameter, 15 ¿m of spacing and 400 nm in height was demonstrated, finding a limit of detection (LOD) of 33.4 ng/ml which is in the order of magnitude of bioapplications such as detection of cortisol hormone or insulin-like growth factor. Low cost fabrication and vertical interrogation characterization techniques lead to a promising future in the biosensing technology field. © 2010 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.