Modelling and control of a continuous distillation tower through fuzzy techniques

Autores UPV
Revista Chemical Engineering Research and Design


This paper presents a methodology for the design of a fuzzy controller applicable to continuous processes based on local fuzzy models and velocity linearizations. It has been applied to the implementation of a fuzzy controller for a continuous distillation tower. Continuous distillation towers can be subjected to variations in feed characteristics that cause loss of product quality or excessive energy consumption. Therefore, the use of a fuzzy controller is interesting to control process performance.A dynamic model for continuous distillation was implemented and used to obtain data to develop the fuzzy controller at different operating points. The fuzzy controller was built by integration of linear controllers obtained for each linearization of the system. Simulation of the model with controller was used to validate the controller effectiveness under different scenarios, including a study of the sensibility of some parameters to the control.The results showed that the fuzzy controller was able to keep the target output in the desired range for different inputs disturbances, changing smoothly from a predefined target output to another. The developed techniques are applicable to more complex distillation systems including more operating variables. © 2010 The Institution of Chemical Engineers.