A comprehensive discrete-time computer modeling of acoustic Transmission Line loudspeakers

Autores UPV


The Transmission Line loudspeaker is an audio loudspeaker enclosure topology devoted to extending the low frequency range near the loudspeaker frequency resonance. A few models based on physical properties of damped pipes have been proposed to characterize the Transmission Line loudspeaker systems. Unfortunately, Thiele/Small parameters, which are usually employed in enclosure designs, are not useful as parameters of design for these loudspeakers. In this paper, a comprehensive numerical formulation of a Transmission Line loudspeaker is presented, which is based in a finite difference approach of the governing equations, including the effects of the absorbing material allocated inside the pipe. The influence of the main empirical parameters is tested on the proposed model, which is also compared to a real prototype for validation purposes. © 2011 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.