Corporate entrepreneurship and human resource management: theoretical background and a case study

Autores UPV
Revista International Journal of Manpower


Purpose: This article aims to review varying concepts of entrepreneurship and different contributions to human resource practices, establishing a theoretical framework that allows for the analysis of the firm Montalt-Valencia (Spain), a Ford-Spain car dealer, and leader in its sector. Design/methodology/approach: The paper, according to the literature, establishes a theoretical framework on entrepreneurship and human resource management through which one can observe and research the Montalt-Valencia case study. The case study is confirmatory, from the theoretical background, and at the same time inductive from the observation of its non-expected details and deeds. Findings: The firm Montalt-Valencia (Spain), which on the surface appears unlikely to be innovative as technology and product characteristics are entirely controlled by the main firm (Ford-España), bases its innovative capacity on a continual process of organizational renewal and gradual improvement in techniques. The sum of these small improvements may lead to a transformation of the levels of organizational efficiency and commitment to the firm, and can substantially alter technical performance, showing a hidden dimension of corporate entrepreneurship. Research limitations/implications: The limitations are those normally found in case studies. The confirmation of the theory, or the inductive results, can only be extrapolated by the enterprises with the same characteristics and, even then, with caution and care. Originality/value: A firm such as Montalt-Valencia, which is a leader in its sector and has received five Chairman's Awards between 2002-2007, is likely to be full of entrepreneurial activity of organizational renewal and innovation, although the gradual sequence of these aspects and their marginal nature make them hard to detect. The main value of this study is to incorporate a firm such as this into the world of corporate entrepreneurship. © Emerald Group Publishing Limited.