Microencapsulation of Essential Oils. Using â-Cyclodextrin: Applications in Gastronomy

Autores UPV
Revista Journal of Culinary Science & Technology


The formation of microcapsules with ß-cyclodextrin (ß-CD) can protect some lipophilic food components that are sensitive to oxygen and heat- or light-induced degradation. Microencapsulation of essential oil with this technique provides a variety of applications in gastronomy such as impregnation of food and drinks, customization of flavors, mixed flavors, and progressive solubilization of them into the mouth, and if using different kinds of dextrins it is possible to obtain a progressive solubilization of complex dextrin- essential oil on the palate. The aim of this study was to obtain microcapsules of selected essential oils, with gastronomic interest, in a ß-cyclodextrin complex and to evaluate their solubility in water. The powders obtained were used to design some dishes. Microcapsules of 12, 20, and 25% essential oil in ß-cyclodextrin were prepared. The solubility of microcapsules was measured in water until 3% of laser obscuration range. Samples with 12% oil in ß-cyclodextrin showed greater stability in aqueous system. © Taylor & Francis Group, LLC.