Stiffness variation of porous titanium developed using space holder method

Autores UPV
Revista Powder Metallurgy


The excellent properties of Ti have resulted in its generalised use for bone implants. However, Ti is very stiff in comparison with human cortical bone, and this creates problems of bone weakening and loosening of the implant. This article discusses the mechanical properties (flexural and compressive strength, and stiffness) of porous Ti-6Al-4V specimens developed using the space holder method. These properties are examined relative to the production process parameters: compacting pressure and sintering time, as well as temperature, and the addition of spacer and its particle size. It is seen that when spacer is added, compressive strength decreases with the application of compacting pressure and that these are the most influential parameters. The developed pieces show a closed and unconnected porosity. Small additions of spacer (25 vol.-%) reduce stiffness to around half of that shown by the solid material, and the resulting pieces are strong enough to be used as bone substitute. © 2011 Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining.