Advanced Acoustic Wake-Up System for Underwater Sensor Networks

Autores UPV
Revista Communications in information science and management engineering


This paper presents a low-cost and low-power consumption asynchronous Wake-Up (WU) development to Underwater Wireless Sensor Networks (UWSN). An asynchronous WU offers important advantages for energyaware network polices, however it needs some specific hardware, an optimal configuration of system facilities and the interconnection with a core control unit. This proposed WU implementation has been specifically designed to be used in acoustic underwater modems, able to react to external acoustic stimuli. Both the modem and the Wake-Up system use a unique piezoelectric transducer dissipating, to our knowledge, the lowest power published until now. Moreover, the system is able to detect both simple tones and predefined bit patterns, being able to wake up a network node UWSN individually or even to different nodes at the same time.