Oncology outside hospital: a new experience for the benefit of longer survivors

Autores UPV
Revista Clinical & Translational Oncology


In May 2007, the Consorcio Hospital General Universitario de Valencia created the position of "Liaison Oncologist". The holder of this position is responsible for coordinating specialised and primary hospital care in the geographic area of Valencia known as Health Care Department 9 to reduce the waiting time between cancer diagnosis and treatment. In this article we describe the implementation of the innovative proposal of the Liaison Oncologist's Consultation Clinic, which, apart from speeding up and directing diagnostic processes, facilitates access to treatment, prevents duplication of consultations and exploratory procedures by establishing therapeutic plans (preferential channels), gives continuity to diagnostic and therapeutic mechanisms, and permits active follow-up of patients who have finished treatment. An analysis of the results obtained shows that the clinic has allowed us to integrate the various aspects of medical oncology into one system and make it available to patients and primary and specialised care professionals. This system provides the patient with the highest quality of integrated health care, ensures the availability of continued health care to long-term survivors and establishes preferential channels between primary care and specialised cancer care to achieve a quick diagnosis.