Does it pay to be "greener" than legislation? An empirical study of the Spanish tile industry.

Autores UPV
Revista Journal of Sustainable Development


Environmental awareness is a key aspect considered in companies¿ corporate social responsibility. Companies try always to comply with current environmental legislation. Does it make sense for them to go beyond legislation? This work¿s aim is to answer this question and to study how companies can generate value through environmental proactivity. This study is focused on the Spanish tile industry sector. This research¿s objective is to describe which aspects form companies¿ environmental strategy; barriers and facilitators that make possible proactive environmental orientation; benefits companies can obtain from it and obstacles companies face when trying to be environmentally proactive, through a case study as qualitative methodology. The major benefit observed is to prevent sanctions, followed by improvement of corporate image, long-term cost savings and new business opportunities obtaining. Main obstacles companies face are lack of institutional and financial support. Evidence is found that environmental proactivity is considered in companies¿ strategic planning.