Chemical Kinetic Study of Nitrogen Oxides Formation Trends in Biodiesel Combustion. Article ID 898742

Autores UPV
Revista International Journal of Chemical Engineering


The use of biodiesel in conventional diesel engines results in increased NO x emissions; this presents a barrier to the widespread use of biodiesel. The origins of this phenomenon were investigated using the chemical kinetics simulation tool: CHEMKIN-2 and the CFD KIVA3V code, which was modified to account for the physical properties of biodiesel and to incorporate semidetailed mechanisms for its combustion and the formation of emissions. Parametric -T maps and 3D engine simulations were used to assess the impact of using oxygen-containing fuels on the rate of NO formation. It was found that using oxygen-containing fuels allows more O2 molecules to present in the engine cylinder during the combustion of biodiesel, and this may be the cause of the observed increase in NO emissions. © Copyright 2012 Junfeng Yang et al.