Toward condition monitoring of damper windings in synchronous motors via EMD analysis

Autores UPV


Failures in damper windings of synchronous machines operating in real facilities have been recently reported by several authors and companies. These windings are crucial elements of synchronous motors and generators, playing an important role in the asynchronous startup of these machines as well as in their stability during load transients. However, the diagnosis of failures in such elements has barely been studied in the literature. This paper presents a method to diagnose the condition of damper bars in synchronous motors. It is based on the capture of the stator current of the machine during a direct startup and its further analysis in order to track the characteristic transient evolution of a particular fault-related component in the time-frequency map. The fact that the damper only carries significant current during the startup and little or no current, when the machine operates in steady state, makes this transient-based approach specially suited for the detection of such failure. The Hilbert-Huang transform (based on the empirical mode decomposition method) is proposed as a signal-processing tool. Simulation and experimental results on laboratory synchronous machines prove the validity of the approach for condition monitoring of such windings. © 2012 IEEE.