Advanced wireless sensors for termite detection in wood constructions

Autores UPV
Revista Wood Science and Technology


Considering the decay risk of wood structures in temperate regions and the need to implement environmentally sound and healthy safe integrated pest management strategies, the main objective of this research was to detect xylophagous insects (especially termites) at an early stage as well as to relate the wood conditions in buildings (moisture content and temperature) to the infestation risk of the main wood-rotting fungi. To do this, an advanced sensor was developed. It sends a wireless alarm with the indication of termite activity inside the wood or with the warning signal that the conditions in the wood make it vulnerable to fungal settlement. After investigating the main detection parameters and testing different prototypes under varying laboratory conditions, a final sensor was developed for use in real conditions. Furthermore, a wireless network of these biodegradation sensors was developed and installed in three representative buildings for their automatic monitoring, forming an integral alarm system for wood degradation activity supported by an advanced remote sensing management.