Chroma Key Visual Feedback based on Non-Retroreflective Polarized Reflection in Retroreflective Screens

Autores UPV
Revista IEEE Transactions on Broadcasting


A technique to provide immersive feedback on TV and video production studios employing chroma key video segmentation systems is analysed and demonstrated. The technique exploits the observation that polarized light is reflected in the non-retroreflective mode by commercial retroreflective fabrics. Thus, it is possible to use polarization filters to project onto a retroreflective screen two polarization-orthogonal images (one for the monochromatic key used for segmentation and another showing the background image). Due to polarization filtering the camera only captures the combination of the real object and the monochromatic surface whereas viewers of the real scene can interact with the background image. A theoretical analysis as well as experimental results showing the feasibility of the technique are provided. © 2011 IEEE.