Simple calculation model for evaluating the fire resistance of unreinforced concrete filled tubular columns

Autores UPV
Revista Engineering Structures


This paper presents a method for calculating the fire resistance of unreinforced axially loaded concrete filled circular hollow section columns, based on the guidelines of Eurocode 4 Part 1.2 for the fire design of composite columns. The different design approaches which are currently available worldwide are reviewed in this paper, focusing in particular on the European code, which is discussed and analysed in depth. Several of the aspects which are nowadays missing or thought to be arguable by researchers in the Eurocode 4 method are studied and on the basis of parametric studies a new proposal is developed, so that designers can easily apply the code in the future. The parametric studies investigate the main factors affecting the fire resistance of unreinforced concrete filled tubular (CFT) columns, such as the outer diameter, the thickness of the steel tube wall, the relative slenderness of the column at room temperature and the fire exposure time, widely covering the range of values which can be found in practice. From the results of these parametric studies, equations for obtaining the equivalent temperatures of steel and concrete are developed, and appropriate flexural stiffness reduction coefficients are integrated in the simple calculation model of Eurocode 4. The method presented here is valid for centrally loaded circular CFT columns filled with unreinforced normal strength concrete, and makes possible the calculation of slender columns, extending the current limitations in buckling length of the European code. © 2012 Elsevier Ltd.