Influence of reinforcement arrangement in flexural fire behavior of hollow core slabs

Autores UPV
Revista Fire Safety Journal


This paper describes standard scale fire tests conducted on four precast prestressed hollow core slabs configurations under flexure. The influence of the reinforcement arrangement was investigated using two test parameters: the average axis distance (from 30.1 to 46.7 mm), and the type of reinforcement (5 mm diameter wires and 9.5 mm diameter strands). An ISO 834 standard fire was applied maintaining the load level in a four-point test arrangement constant. The results presented different failure mechanisms, types of cracks, spalling patterns, and fire resistance ratings and it was shown that wires displayed optimal behavior as opposed to strands. A comparison was carried out with the current verification methods provided in Eurocode 2 part 12, and showed that verification methods tend to overestimate the calculation of fire resistance when both wire and strands are moved away from the exposed surface. © 2012 Elsevier Ltd.