Nanophotonic Structures for Biotechnology Applications

Autores UPV
Revista New Biotechnology


Next generation of Micro and Nano Bio Systems must ensure the convergence of nano, bio and ICT (Information Communications Technology) technologies to achieve smaller, faster and cheaper devices that perform better, while still delivering highly reproducible results, exhibiting increased sensitivity and being extremely reliable. In addition, smart integration is also a key factor to obtain miniaturized and integrated multisensing systems able to sense, understand context and communicate. Having these fast, efficient and reliable multisensing devices and systems is essential in many fields, such as medical diagnostics, food safety control, environmental control or drug discovery. In this scenario, photonic sensing systems present several advantages compared to other sensing technologies such as compactness and high integration level, high sensitivities, high interaction between optical field and target analytes, shorter time to result or the requirement of very low volumes for performing the sensing.