Effect of different cornstarch types in new formulations of gluten-and lactose-free white sauces with high protein content.

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Revista Journal of Food Quality


Celiac disease is an immune response to ingestion of gluten in genetically susceptible individuals. As gluten is present in white sauces, the aim of this paper was to obtain new formulations of gluten- and lactose-free sauces with high protein content. The microstructure and several sensory and physical properties were studied. The results showed white sauces maintained good stability and resistance to syneresis during storage. The sauces had a continuous phase consisting of components of starch granules released from gelatinized granules and soy protein, and a dispersed phase consisting of fat globules and swollen starch granules with high amylopectin content. The viscosity of the sauces seems to be related to the number and interaction of starch granules and size of the fat globules. Sensory evaluation revealed the best evaluated sauces were made with cross-linked starches. Therefore, these starches are recommended for the formulation of gluten- and lactose-free sauces with high protein content. © 2012 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.