Outstanding knowledge competences and web 2.0 practices for developing successful e-learning project management

Autores UPV
Revista International Journal of Project Management


The article deals with the knowledge competences that a project manager has to develop to succeed when using the new web 2.0 environments. In order to achieve this, a literature review of the main leading e-learning models is carried out, along with a study of the key factors that affect project performance positively. The new Web 2.0 environments invite us to an alternative reality where the use of its tools can offer new possibilities in the development of e-learning projects, identifying under what conditions value is added: efficiency, innovation, complementarity and loyalty. As a guide of new researches, we conclude that the project manager must modify the existing key competencies (Pedagogical, Management, Technical and Social ones) and to develop new ones based on knowledge management to be successful in managing this web 2.0 e-learning project.