The Resource Leveling Problem with multiple resources using an adaptive genetic algorithm

Autores UPV
Revista Automation in Construction


Resource management ensures that a project is completed on time and at cost, and that its quality is as previously defined; nevertheless, resources are scarce and their use in the activities of the project leads to conflicts in the schedule. Resource Leveling Problems consider how to make the resource consumption as efficient as possible. This paper presents a new Adaptive Genetic Algorithm for the Resource Leveling Problem with multiple resources, and its novelty lies in using the Weibull distribution to establish an estimation of the global optimum as a termination condition. The extension of the project deadline with a penalty is allowed, avoiding the increase in the project criticality punishing the shift of activities. The algorithmis tested with the standard Project Scheduling Problem Library PSPLIB, and a complete analysis and benchmarking test instances are presented. The proposed algorithm is implemented using VBA for Excel 2010 in order to provide a flexible and powerful decision support system that enables practitioners to choose between different feasible solutions to a problem, and in addition it is easily adjustable to the constraints and particular needs of each project in realistic environments.