Problem Based Learning in Introductory Organic Chemistry. A laboratory activity based on the anti-sprouting effect of essential oils

Autores UPV
Revista Australian Journal of Education in Chemistry


The application of a problem based learning methodology to transform the laboratory activities in organic chemistry in a 1st course of agricultural engineering is described in this paper. The goal is to put them in context into a learning process viewed as an inquiry strategy which take into account the Science-Technology-Society-Environment relationships, the same way as the professional profile of university degree concerned. The posed problem is referred to the application of natural products as alternative phytosanitary treatments, in this case, the sprouting control of potatoes during their storage. The carrying out of this activity has been a good opportunity to develop competences such as information search and selection, experimental design and conducing, results discusion, making generalizations, etc., establishing meaningful relationships with essential concepts and methods in subject-matter.