Influences of economic development in the Brazilian energy efficiency projects

Autores UPV
Revista Revista Labor & Engenho" (The International Journal on Heritage and Regional Development: Water, Energy, Territory, Industry, Culture, Nature)


This work has as main goal to present some of the issues regarding the effects of the Brazilian economy in the effectiveness of national energy efficiency projects in order to provide some guidelines for optimizing the energy saving actions. The replacement of traditional electric motors with high efficiency motors has been considered, or that brings innovation and increases the need to search for new technologies for brazilian industries. We must consider whether this new paradigm requires a strong federal government's investment in Brazil in order to allow the implementation of energy efficiency programs, mainly in small and medium industries. This document is divided into three main parts. The first part deals with some aspects of the economic crisis. The second presents the most important data of the National Electricity Conservation (PROCEL) and Energy Efficiency Program of the ANEEL (National Electric Energy Agency). The third shows data on Small and Medium Industries and how their energy efficiency programs were affected