mRNA Expression in Rabbit Blastocyst and Endometrial Tissue of Candidate Gene Involved in Gestational Losses

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Revista Reproduction in Domestic Animals


Contents: Gestation is a complex process that involves different growth factors, cytokines and adhesion proteins related with embryo development, cellular differentiation and proliferation, embryo-endometrium interaction, angiogenesis, maternal-embryonic recognition and growth development of placenta and embryos. In this study, we examine pre-implantational (at 6days of gestation) and gestational (at 12days and total from ovulation to birth) losses in two rabbit lines selected by different criteria (post-weaning daily gain and litter size) and the pattern of a set of candidate transcripts, at 6days of gestation, related with embryo development and implantation process, such as Oct-4, epidermal growth factor receptor 3 (erbB3), Transforming Growth Factor ß2, Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor and Interferon ¿ and related with insulin-like growth factors signalling as insulin growth factors I and II and their receptors in rabbit blastocysts and endometrial tissue. Similar pre-implantational losses were obtained in both lines. However, the gestational losses of the line selected by post-weaning daily gain clearly mirrored an increase in losses by 50% at 12days and at birth (22.4 vs 9.5 and 50.2 vs 25.4, respectively, between line selected by post-weaning daily gain and line selected by litter size). In blastocysts and endometrial tissue at 6days of gestation qRT-PCR assays indicated that the mean insulin-like growth factor (IGF)-IIR mRNA expression was down-regulated in line selected by post-weaning daily gain. Dysregulation of the IGF-IIR could be potential reasons for induced gestational losses. We conclude that IGF-IIR gene expression in blastocyst and endometrial tissue at 6th day of gestation tends to decline in line selected by post-weaning daily gain. The functional significance related with gestational losses is uncertain. © 2011 Blackwell Verlag GmbH.