Thermal and Mechanical Characterization of Epoxy Resins (ELO and ESO) Cured with Anhydrides

Autores UPV
Revista Journal of the American Oil Chemists Society


In this work we have developed polymeric materials from epoxidized vegetable oils in order to obtain materials with excellent mechanical properties for use as green matrix composites. Epoxidized soybean oil (ESO), epoxidized linseed oil (ELO) and different mixtures of the two oils were used to produce the polymers. Phthalic anhydride (17 mol%) and maleic anhydride (83 mol%) which has a eutectic reaction temperature of 48 °C were used as crosslinking agents while benzyl dimethyl amine (BDMA) and ethylene glycol were used as the catalyst and initiator, respectively. The results showed that samples 100ELO and 80ELO20ESO could be used as a matrix in green composites because they demonstrated good mechanical properties. © 2012 AOCS (outside the USA).