Practice and assessment of oral skills in developing online preparatory materials through the InGenio authoring shell

Autores UPV
Revista Procedia Social and Behavioral Sciencies


The practice of oral skills is a basic requirement of learning or teaching a new language, as one of the main goals in the field of language learning is developing oral communicative competence, especially needed in contexts where the students¿ L2 is the vehicular language and therefore the main means of interaction. The InGenio online authoring tool allows designers of new materials, as well as language teachers and students, to rethink and imagine new ways of dealing with practice and assessment of listening and speaking skills thanks to the flexibility of its templates, resources and tools. This article explores the ways in which the InGenio utilities, solutions and learning materials are being expanded and updated in order to address oral practice and assessment in a more efficient and effective manner making the most of these improvements to provide new learning opportunities.