Simultaneous transmission of 20x2 WDM/SCM-QKD and 4 bidirectional classical channels over a PON

Autores UPV
Revista Optics Express


We report the transmission of 40 quantum-key channels using WDM/SCM-QKD technology and 4 bidirectional classical channels over a PON. To our knowledge the highest number of quantum key channels simultaneously transmitted that has ever been reported. The quantum signal coexists with classical reference channel which is employed to process the qbits, but it has enough low power to avoid Raman crosstalk and achieving a high number of WDM-QKD channels. The experimental results allow us to determine the minimum rejection ratio required by the filtering devices employed to select each quantum channel and maximize the quantum key rate. These results open the path towards high-count QKD channel transmission over optical fiber infrastructures.