Analysis of monitoring programmes and their suitability for ecotoxicological risk assessment in four Spanish basins

Autores UPV
Revista The Science of The Total Environment


Data from four Spanish basin management authorities were analysed. Chemical and biological data from four Spanish basin management authorities were analysed, focusing on three consecutive years. Aims were to i) determine the chemicals most likely responsible for the environmental toxicological risk in the four Spanish basins and ii) investigate the relationships between toxicological risk and biological status in these catchments. The toxicological risk of chemicals was evaluated using the toxic unit (TU) concept. With these data we considered if the potential risk properly reflects the risk to the community or, alternatively, if new criteria should be developed to improve risk assessment. Data study revealed inadequacies in processing and monitoring that should be improved (e.g., site coincidence for chemical and biological sampling). Analysis of the chemical data revealed high potential toxicological risk in the majority of sampling points, to which metals were the main contributors to this risk. However, clear relationships between biological quality and chemical risk were found only in one river. Further investigation of metal toxicity may be necessary, and future analyses are necessary to accurately estimate the risk to the environment.