Modelization of three-layered polymer coated steel-strip ironing process using a neural network

Autores UPV
Revista AIP Conference Proceedings


An alternative to the traditional can manufacturing process is to use plastic laminated rolled steels as base stocks. This material consist of pre-heated steel coils that are sandwiched between one or two sheets of polymer. The heated sheets are then immediately quenched, which yields a strong bond between the layers. Such polymer-coated steels were investigated by Jaworski [1,2] and Sellés [3], and found to be suitable for ironing with carefully controlled conditions. A novel multi-layer polymer coated steel has been developed for container applications. This material presents an interesting extension to previous research on polymer laminated steel in ironing, and offers several advantages over the previous material (Sellés [3]). This document shows a modelization for the ironing process (the most crucial step in can manufacturing) done by using a neural network