Simultaneous detection of the seven main tomato-infecting RNA viruses by two multiplex reverse transcription polymerase chain reactions

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Cucumber mosaic virus, Tomato spotted wilt virus, Tomato mosaic virus, Tomato chlorosis virus, Pepino mosaic virus, Torrado tomato virus and Tomato infectious chlorosis virus cause serious damage and significant economic losses in tomato crops worldwide. The early detection of these pathogens is essential for preventing the viruses from spreading and improving their control. In this study, a procedure based on two multiplex RT-PCRs was developed for the sensitive and reliable detection of these seven viruses. Serial dilutions of positive controls were analysed by this methodology, and the results were compared with those obtained by ELISA and singleplex versions of RT-PCR. The multiplex and singleplex RT-PCR assays were able to detect specific targets at the same dilution and were 100 times more sensitive than ELISA. The multiplex versions were able to detect composite samples containing different concentrations of specific targets at ratios from 1:1 to 1:1000. In addition, 45 symptomatic tomato samples collected in different tomato-growing areas of Sicily (Italy) were analysed by multiplex RT-PCR, singleplex RT-PCR and commercially available ELISA tests. Similar results were obtained using the RT-PCR techniques, with a higher sensitivity than ELISA, revealing a common occurrence of mixed infections and confirming the presence of these seven virus species in Italy