Design, Manufacture and Characterization of an Acoustic Barrier Made of Multi-Phenomena Cylindrical Scatterers Arranged in a Fractal-Based Geometry

Autores UPV
Revista Archives of Acoustics


In this work we present the design and the manufacturing processes, as well as the acoustics standard-ization tests, of an acoustic barrier formed by a set of multi-phenomena cylindrical scatterers. Periodic arrangements of acoustic scatterers embedded in a fluid medium with different physical properties are usually called Sonic Crystals. The multiple scattering of waves inside these structures leads to attenuation bands related to the periodicity of the structure by means of Bragg scattering. In order to design the acoustic barrier, two strategies have been used: First, the arrangement of scatterers is based on fractal geometries to maximize the Bragg scattering; econd, multi-phenomena scatterers with several noise con- trol mechanisms, as resonances or absorption, are designed and used to construct the periodic array. The acoustic barrier reported in this work provides a high technological solution in the field of noise control.