LCC-HVDC Connection of Off-shore Wind Farms with Reduced Filter Banks

Autores UPV
Revista IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics


Despite being more efficient, LCC-HVDC links for the connection of large off-shore wind farms have ac-filter bank size as one of their main drawbacks. This paper shows how the HVDC rectifier filter banks can be substantially reduced by taking advantage of the additional control possibilities offered by the use of wind turbines with fully rated converters. PSCAD simulations validate wind farm and diode rectifier HVDC link operation with a capacitor and filter bank five times smaller than its usual value. The proposed control algorithm allows for good harmonic and reactive power sharing between the different wind turbines. As the reduced capacitor bank operation leads to a redistri- bution of harmonic and reactive currents, an efficiency study has been carried out to evaluate the new power loss distribution with the reduced filter banks.