A Comprehensive placement test tool for language centres

Autores UPV
Revista Language Learning in Higher Education. Journal of the European Confederation of Languages Centres in Higher education (CERCLES)


One of the main problems relating to language courses offered at language centres is measuring the students¿ entry-level skills in a fast, efficient and reliable way. This problem is particularly acute in language centres with large numbers of students, especially at the beginning of the academic year, as a mechanism has to be implemented which serves to determine the language skills of students prior to the registration period. For this purpose we have developed a software tool that allows us to determine a student¿s level quickly and effectively, while managing volumes of approximately 600 students in each of the two academic periods in which the courses are offered. The tool presented has been tested and validated over four years of use, giving results that demonstrate a high degree of reliability. Also, given the program¿s flexibility, it can be adapted to other specific needs, and can also be used to assess proficiency in terms