Robustness for a single railway line: Analytical and simulation methods

Autores UPV
Revista Expert Systems with Applications


Railway scheduling has been a significant issue in the railway industry. Over the last few years, numerous approaches and tools have been developed to compute railway scheduling. However, robust solutions are necessary to absorb short disruptions. In this paper, we present the robustness problem from the point of view of railway operators and we propose analytical and simulation methods to measure robustness in a single railway line. In the analytical approach, we have developed some formulas to measure robustness based on the study of railway line infrastructure topology and buffer times. In the simulation approach, we have developed a software tool to assess the robustness for a given schedule. These methods have been inserted in MOM (More information can be found at the MOM web page, which is a project in collaboration with the Spanish Railway Infrastructure Manager (ADIF). © 2012 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.