Contraction mappings in fuzzy quasi-metric spaces and [0,1]-fuzzy posets

Autores UPV
Revista Fixed Point Theory


It is well known that each bounded ultraquasi-metric on a set induces, in a natural way, an [0,1]-fuzzy poset. On the other hand, each [0,1]-fuzzy poset can be seen as a stationary fuzzy ultraquasi-metric space for the continuous t-norm Min. By extending this construction to any continuous t-norm, a stationary fuzzy quasi-metric space is obtained. Motivated by these facts, we present several contraction principles on fuzzy quasi-metric spaces that are applied to the class of spaces described above. Some illustrative examples are also given. Finally, we use our approach to deduce in an easy fashion the existence and uniqueness of solution for the recurrence equations typically associated to the analysis of Probabilistic Divide and Conquer Algorithms.