Alkali activation of vitreous calcium aluminosilicate derived from glass fiber waste

Autores UPV
Revista Journal of Sustainable Cement-Based Materials


The properties and microstructure of alkali-activated (AA) vitreous calcium aluminosilicate (VCAS) are presented in this paper. VCAS is manufactured from a by-product of the glass fiber industry and has been activated using NaOH and KOH solutions. The microstructure and mechanical properties of AA VCAS pastes and mortars are reported. The results show that depending on the type and concentration of hydroxide solution used, mortar samples with compressive strengths up to 77 MPa can be formed after curing for three days at 65 °C. The research demonstrates the potential of VCAS to produce AA cements and the importance of alkali type and concentration in optimizing properties and microstructure.